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Intake Manifold Heaters
BERU has various innovative products to provide heating solutions to the DI engine.
Intake Manifold Heaters
      Technical Information  
DI engines in Indian conditions traditionally did not require any Heating Aid. However with stricter emission norms coming into act in India and while running of these engines in Colder conditions, it has become necessary to utilise Heating Aids. BERU has developed some unique solutions to address this customer requirement like:

     Grid Heaters
     Spiral Heater Plugs

Grid Heaters
These are fitted in the intake manifold (usually at the entrance) in the path of the inlet air to heat it up sufficiently to warm the combustion chamber to enable smoother, quieter, uniform and quicker combustion. The Grid Heaters are available in 12V and 24 V Systems and can be designed according to the manifold cross section.The Grid Heaters generate a Heat Output of 1.1-2.5 kW in about 30 sec with the surface temperature of its filament reaching upto 1050C.

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